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Mastering the skill of identifying personality types holds the key to revolutionizing communication and achieving unparalleled results within the workplace.

By discerning the unique traits and preferences of individuals, professionals can tailor their communication strategies, fostering an environment of understanding, cooperation, and mutual respect. When interactions are attuned to specific personality styles, conflicts are minimized, and collaboration is maximized. Teams become finely tuned machines, each member contributing their strengths and talents in a harmonious symphony. This not only enhances the overall work atmosphere but also directly translates to improved productivity, innovative problem-solving, and heightened employee satisfaction.


In this landscape of enhanced communication, business goals are met with greater precision, relationships flourish, and the entire organization thrives as a unified force, achieving outcomes that previously seemed beyond reach.

Sales Training



Result Oriented


Being able to identify personality types brings a transformative edge to communication strategies, particularly in the realm of sales, culminating in substantial growth in sales figures.

By tailoring interactions to resonate with specific personality traits, sales professionals can establish immediate rapport and gain trust. Understanding whether a client is analytical, expressive, amiable, or driver-oriented allows for crafting messages and presentations that align with their preferences and motivations. This level of personalized engagement not only accelerates the sales process but also cultivates lasting customer relationships, leading to increased customer loyalty and referrals.


As sales teams navigate the intricacies of individual personalities, objections are deftly addressed, and objections are transformed into opportunities. The result is a harmonious convergence of client needs and product solutions, manifesting in elevated conversion rates and larger sales numbers that underscore the indisputable impact of personality-centric communication in driving business success.


"Philip provided an inspiring personality and sales conference to the clinical team which had an immediate impact on the capture, conversion and surgical volume of the practice. He is engaging, passionate, humorous and results driven in his strategic approach."
The above training is based on the book written by Philip Vivier entitled “Stop Selling, Let Them Buy”.

"I am not in general sales. I am a partner at an accounting firm. Most people think sales is just a numbers game. Increase the time spent, increase the calls made, increase the contacts made and that will "increase" your sales.... The book was a paradigm shift for me related to sales... It is NOT the increase in X it is HOW you spend your time and HOW you strategize for each type of buyer. This book provides the keys to open up the opportunities and let them buy."


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