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Corporate Wellness

Mind, body, and soul have a place within our work space. Companies and employers have the best intentions. Sometimes those intentions can take a wrong turn. Employer to employee relationships can be tricky. Once certain behaviors enter the doors of the office, wrong signals get sent out and they spread fast. Damage is done to the core values of the company.  it does not have to be this way.  

Companies can set a foundation of a culture of mental well being
to be steered the right way. 




Sustainable Pace

Most employers want to see productivity. Constantly overemphasizing it can backfire. For example:

  • An employee that gets work done durning work hours without going into overtime may start to doubt themselves. 

  • An employee that constantly stays late may feel like if they don’t keep up that pace, they will not get noticed. 

Both can cause resentment. Create breaks throughout the day. Talk about how too many long hours start to the process of “burnout.” Use examples of team members who decided taking that taking those breaks provided, helped their mental heath and productivity. 


Work Conversations Limited to Working Hours

We live in a world where the lines between work life and home life get blued easily. Here are some examples:


  • You receive an email after hours and the person who sends it is expecting a response that evening.

  • You were the one who sent it and instead of going home, you are waiting for the response.

  • A colleague calls as you are meeting friend for dinner at 7pm and you clocked out at 5pm.

If you sent the email, you have to let the receiver know they do not need to respond until the morning. Communication, communication, communication.  It is the key for an employer to show the employee how much they value them. 

Get to Know the People You Work With Beyond "Shop Talk"

“Shop Talk” or “water cooler talk” is when are you face to face with people you work with but you have nothing to say to them. Why? You don’t know them beyond the walls of your office. With all the changes in the world over the last couple of years, a large number of employees are still working form home. This makes getting to know the people you work with difficult. We are human and we need interaction. Our productivity increases with socialization. Start the day with coffee talks and have different departments sit together. Mix it up. Make sure to include employees via zoom. Bring in lunch and encourage people to talk about their interests.


Set Aside Time for Group and Individual Feedback

Employees do not leave jobs, they leave bosses. Be the leader your employees want to work for.  Employees also want to be heard.  Making time for gourp and individual chat sessions is vital to creating a healthy working environment. Be approachable.

Start Conversation About Mental Well-Being

The biggest mistake your company can make is not talking about mental health. Employers struggle. Employees struggle. Yours is not any bigger than mine. Be the company that does not sweep it under a rug. Encourage open conversations. Let your employees know it is ok to walk outside and take a couple breaths. Partner up with studios that offer yoga, meditation, or bring in speakers. Show your employees you care enough by making time in the day for them.


Be the company that knows its bottom line is what it is because of their employees.
Be the company that cares.

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